Test Engineering

Test Engineering is the crucial process of validating and verifying product integrity based on performance, quality, and reliability specifications. Our team excels in this field by rapidly acquiring comprehensive knowledge of the systems being tested and utilizing that expertise to implement tests that safeguard products against unforeseen issues.

Test Tools and Simulators

With our team of skilled and diverse engineers, we develop test tools that automate and streamline the testing process, enhancing the quality of the final product. We understand that effective test management requires meticulous planning and execution, which is why we design tools that optimize test management procedures. Our simulators enable us to accurately replicate user behavior and mimic production infrastructure, proving invaluable for testing and training purposes. We possess the expertise to develop simulators for advanced high-tech systems that we have in-depth knowledge of.

Test Benches (SIL)

Our commitment to providing sophisticated and innovative test solutions is unwavering. We tailor these solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements and deliver them as comprehensive turnkey systems. Our test systems encompass a wide range of complexity levels, ensuring thorough verification of product integrity in accordance with performance, quality, and reliability specifications.

Our objectives are as follows:

• Enhancing product maturity and reliability during the design phase.
• Ensuring rigorous product verification, validation, and qualification.
• Simplifying system integration by simulating degraded modes and unexpected event behavior.
• Facilitating comprehensive production testing before delivery, including functional equipment testing.
• Enabling efficient diagnosis throughout the product's lifespan through various activities.