Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach that aims to facilitate the successful realization of complex systems. It begins by defining needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, and then proceeds with design synthesis and system validation, considering the entire scope of the problem.

At its core,

Systems Engineering integrates various disciplines and specialty groups into a collaborative team effort, establishing a structured development process that progresses from concept to production to operation. It carefully considers the business and technical needs of all stakeholders, with the goal of delivering a high-quality product that meets user requirements.

System Integration

System Integration involves the consolidation of software and hardware components that have passed their respective unit tests. These components are brought together into a unified system to verify the system design description. In the system integration area, a testing environment is established, utilizing test jigs and equipment. Rigorous tests are conducted to validate the system specifications. Any deviation from the system specifications is recorded, along with related logs, and forwarded to the design team for issue resolution. This iterative process ensures continuous improvement and alignment with the intended system design. The test environment in the system integration area is flexible, allowing easy reconfiguration with different hardware and software versions to support design, error correction, and product acceptance phases.

Platform Integration

To validate and finalize the outcomes of system integration, our team plays a crucial role as a bridge between system and platform integration. Our skilled field engineers and technicians actively participate in various phases of platform installation across multiple types of platforms. We possess expertise in handling interdependent steps, which include:

• Solid and 3D modelling
• Mechanical design
• Installation
• Material support
• Quality checks and tests

Throughout each step, we provide comprehensive documentation and on-the-job training to ensure seamless and successful installations. Our commitment to meticulous planning and execution guarantees the effective integration of systems onto diverse platforms.

RF Engineering

RF Engineering is a specialized sub-branch of electrical and electronics engineering that focuses on electrical and electromagnetic signals between 20 kHz and 300GHz. Our dedicated team of engineers specializes in providing solutions for RF-related systems in various fields, including:

• Satellite systems
• Terrestrial communication and broadcast systems
• Mobile devices and RF communication infrastructure
• Radiolink systems
• Wireless data communication systems
• Medical applications
Within these fields, we offer the following services for RF-related systems:
• Application in the design of oscillators, amplifiers, mixers, detectors, combiners, filters, impedance transforming networks, and other devices.
• Performance measurement and verification of RF devices and systems.
• Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)