Cooperation Programs

ÜSTÜNOVA carries out projects that constitute import substitution and creates export potential, within the scope of cooperation agreements with companies that aim to grow in the fields they operate or who want to acquire market in neighboring sectors.


We implement integrated program models covering project finance, product design and development, production, sales and logistics, starting from project feasibility and sustaining through the following processes.


In financing the projects, the resources from incentive / support mechanisms provided by the public authority are utilized as well as the funds that are provided from private sector investors. ÜSTÜNOVA, within the projects, provides support for its project and business partners by integrating public’s relevant guidance and incentives within the country, as well as utilizing international incentive mechanisms in platforms Turkey is integrated.


We consider R & D and Technology Management in a well-defined, accessible and focused on real needs. We believe that the local network of public institutions, private sector, industry and universities can produce the desired products at world standards in the environment of correct and secure communication and well-defined cooperation.