Air Platform Solutions

We perform aircraft lifecycle solutions on maintenance, integration and test management whenever and wherever required with our advanced field engineering team.

Aircraft Maintenance

We perform flight tests and periodic maintenance on aircrafts with our experienced engineer and technician team.
• 21 years of experience, always active in the field
• 7300 hours of flight experience
• Scheduled inspections and maintenance
• Mechanic and avionic helicopter technicians who are capable of working on various types of platforms
• Maintenance: Line/O-level/Depot
• Flight test instrumentation
• Test flight support

On Site Assistance

With our mobile team, let us come to your desired location of service in order to provide efficient solutions reducing repair time and improving aircraft availability

Platform Integration Management

We coordinate integration, test installed components (LRUs, kits, cables, etc.) and document results of the modification processes of platforms with our deep mechanical and avionic knowledge
• Solid and 3D modelling
• Mechanical design
• Quality checks and tests
• Material support

System Integration and Test Engineering

We attentively validate and verify integration of high-tech electronic systems in accordance with the platform and system requirements.
• Test software and simulator development
• Mechanical and electrical design of test benches (SIL etc.)
• Requirement validation, (vibration, shock, DITMCO, EMI/EMC, etc.)
• Ground and flight testing
• Integrated Logistics Support during systems lifecycle

Technical Documentation

Our team is qualified for providing complete and accurate technical documents to ensure efficient operations on aircrafts

• Service Bulletin
• Pilot Checklist
• Operation and Maintenance Manuel
• Spare Parts Catalog
• MWOs (Maintenance Work Order) for mechanic integrations and avionic installations
• Training Materials