Agricultural Technologies

ÜSTÜNOVA evaluates the projects in the field of agricultural technologies, under the following headings.

• Agricultural Inputs Management (Water, Pesticides, Fertilizers): Developing smart systems to increase input efficiency.

• Product Efficiency Management Systems: Collecting, processing and interpreting field data with electronic and electro-optic sensors and creating decision support systems for productivity management.

• Agriculture-Food Value Chain: Improving the Agriculture-Food value chain, especially food health, by collecting information at various stages of the food chain and processing and interpreting this information.

As of today, USTUNOVA initiated the following three project proposals in the field of Agricultural Technologies

•  Horizon 2020 - EU Green Deal – H2020-LC-GD-6-1-2020 – Innovation Action – Subtopic C [2021] Project: EASY-VRA: Financially and Physically Accessible AI Based Variable Rate Application Platform for Small and Medium Sized Farms with Real Time Life Cycle Impact Assessment Tool

•  AI and Cloud Based Remote Crop Tracking, Control and Yield Prediction Application - TAGEM (General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policy) Project Proposal (Evaluation Stage)

•  Silo Management and Remote Monitoring System – TÜRİB (Turkish Mercantile Exchange) Proposal (Evaluation Stage)