RF Engineering

RF Engineering is the sub-branch of electrical and electronics engineering specialized in electrical and electromagnetic signals between 20 kHz and 300 GHz.
Our dedicated engineer team specialized in providing solutions for RF related systems work on various fields such as;
• Satellite systems
• Terrestrial communication and broadcast systems
• Mobile devices and related RF communication infrastructure
• Radiolink systems
• Wireless data communication systems
• Medical applications

Within these study fields, we provide the following services for RF related systems;
• Applications in the design of oscillators, amplifiers, mixers, detectors, combiners, filters, impedance transforming networks and other devices.
• Measurement of performance and verification of RF devices and systems.
• Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

RF Systems Engineering

The processes of the “V-model” are implemented by our RF systems engineers from design to post-use throughout the phases of the development of RF systems.
During system integration, being one of the main sub-process of system engineering, we establish the necessary test setups for system components. Even though each component is tested individually with independent test procedures, testing of RF components can be roughly grouped as;
• RF power subsystems
• RF transmitter subsystems
• RF receiver subsystems
• Platform components and peripherals
The abovementioned test structures are adapted for multiple systems in the RF engineering field.